Our Story

Growing up in the inner city or any heavy populated area, the importance of staying fit and constantly hydrating the body isn’t on the forefront of our minds.

MOTOCAN came to fruition when I wanted to spread the importance of staying active whether it’s jogging, going to the gym, or simply a pick-up game of basketball. Not only staying active but drinking the proper amount of water and staying hydrated throughout the day. One thing I soon realized is that while in the gym or at the park on a hot sunny day, my beverage was burning hot midway through my work out! As you can imagine that can be very frustrating! So, I set out to develop and brand a water bottle that keeps your drink hot or cold regardless of the temperature outside!

MOTOCAN is a brand for the culture! We set out to educate the inner cities and all heavily populated areas on the importance of staying hydrated and staying active. Also, the reasons why it is important to use recyclable, BPA free steel water bottles over your everyday plastic water bottles.


Our vision for the brand is to be in the hand of every person that’s drinking water! Which means we spread our message about the importance of a healthy hydrated lifestyle!


YOU! The everyday person that goes to work and tries to in some form or fashion stay active. We have fitness gurus, trainers, professional athletes that currently use MOTOCAN, they help spread our message to change the narrative for the youth of today!


The MOTOCAN Team is constantly growing and thinking of more and more innovative ideas to bring new products to the people! From tumblers, to coffee mugs, down to dri-fit apparel, we plan to spread our message across the world! At  MOTOCAN we love the people, and what we do is for the culture, thank you for your support!